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Eden 7 - Top-Gleitschirm für ambitionierte XC-Piloten

Eden 7

Top-Gleitschirm für ambitionierte XC-Piloten

Unser Know-How im Bereich von Hochleistertechnologien haben zusammen mit umfangreichen Tests gezeigt, mit seinem Leistungspotential steht der Eden 7 an der Spitze seiner Klasse.

Elan 3 - Die Philosophie des entspannten Fliegens

Elan 3

Die Philosophie des entspannten Fliegens

Der Elan 3 - ist der leistungsstärkste Schirm der gesamten Elan-Serie und bleibt konsequent ein Vertreter eines entspannten Flugstils. Der Elan 3 eignet sich für ambitionierte XC-Piloten, die einen außergewöhnlichen Schirm mit exzellentem Gleiten, bestem Steigen und einfachem Handling suchen.

Charger 2 - Performance powered flying with MAC PARA’s bestseller

Charger 2

Performance powered flying with MAC PARA’s bestseller

The Charger 2 is paramotoring glider for wide range of pilots. New, seasoned and experienced pilots alike will immediately feel comfortable flying the Charger 2 and appreciate its incredibly easy launching, superb stability and excellent cruising speed.

Colorado  2 - Glider for adventurous pilots

Colorado 2

Glider for adventurous pilots

The Colorado 2 is a full-blooded reflex paramotoring glider for adventurous and demanding pilots. It will please anyone looking for an exciting wing for adventure flying.

Haven - Cross country enthusiast


Cross country enthusiast

It is a comfortable covered harness for thermal, cross country and competition oriented pilots. Guaranteed comfort even after long hours of cross country flights.

X-Dreamer -


The X-Dreamer is our new modern open harness. It meets the highest standards of the most demanding pilots.

Aegis  -


Der Aegis ist ein Rettungsschirm auf höchstem Niveau, hergestellt aus den besten aktuell verfügbaren Materialien. Das Design der Kappe erreicht aufgrund höchster Pendelstabilität aussergewöhnlich niedrige Sinkwerte im Vergleich zu anderen Notschirmen gleicher Grösse.

Houston  - Modern steerable square rescue parachute


Modern steerable square rescue parachute

This results to a horizontal speed after opening which creates a lift and significantly improves the sink rate.

News & Events

Elan 3 - CrossCountry 239

Elan 3 - CrossCountry 239

“Fly in peace” is the Mac Para mantra, and their new EN C allows you to do just that writes Marcus King The Mac Para Elan 3 is a three-line sports class wing suitable for “ambitious XC pilots who require an extraordinary glider with excellent glide, pleasant behaviour and easy handling.” Designer Petr Recek says that after several prototypes, which included 2.5 line designs, the result is “a balanced glider with good feedback and a high degree of stability.” I got to fly the wing in the winter thermals of southern France.

Aravis - CrossCountry 237

Aravis - CrossCountry 237

Marcus and Charlie King share the fun on this lightweight but performant EN A. Mac Para’s previous mountain wing, the Outback, came in one size only but with a huge weight range. Its replacement, the Aravis, comes in six sizes covering weights from 55kg to 115kg. We took the 19m2 XS into the mountains of the southern French Alps to try it in hike-and-fly and thermalling modes.