Mit dem Levity bietet MacPara nicht nur ein extrem leichtes Gurtzeug an, sondern eines, das aerodynamisch optimiert ist und gleichzeit eine schöne, harmonische Form aufweist. Das Wendegurtzeug hat einen der größten Stauräume seiner Klasse und die voluminösen Airbags bieten ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit.

In der Luft überzeugt das Levity durch präzise Steuermöglichkeiten und einen hohen Sitzkomfort. Sie müssen keinerlei Abstriche in der Bequemlichkeit im Vergleich zu konventionellen Gurtzeugen in Kauf nehmen. Das Rettungsgerät ist beim Levity in einem Frontcontainer untergebracht, der gleichzeitig als Cockpit dient. Im Frontcontainer ist der Retter mit beiden Händen erreichbar und hat einen sehr kurzen Auslöseweg, was zusätzliche Sicherheit bietet. Das Levity ist ein Muss für gewichtsoptimiertes Fliegen.

The Levity epitomizes the growing trend of flying with lighter equipment. The Levity is an ultra light, comfortable and reversible ABS harness with airbag. It is suitable for a wide range of pilots. The Levity combines the comfort level typical of MAC PARA harnesses with easy carrying.

The ergonomic design guarantees a high freedom of movement and optimal fit. An adequate Carbon plate, stirrup, optimized adjustments, and the use of proven harness geometry help the pilot find their preferred sitting position. The back and seat area are made from “breathable” fabric in a combination of black and orange colours. This minimizes sweating and has an attractive appearance. The airbag back protection system, carbon plate, special buckles and light materials reduce the weight to only 3.75 kg inclusive of a front reserve container combining an instrument cockpit. A well designed leg strap system allows the pilot an upright position before and during take-off, making checks very easy and doesn't inhibit take-off. There are bottom lateral adjustment straps to change the sitting position. A security T-bar prevents the pilot falling out of the harness if he forgets to fasten the leg straps. 


The large rear pocket is a part of the airbag system. There is plenty of room left over for your other goodies. The Levity has two lateral pockets to carry items you may need to access in flight.

Once the air is removed from the airbag and the seat converted, you have a backpack with a high degree of comfort. The Levity becomes an optimised carrier system with well shaped lumbar straps which help with stability and reduce overall effort of carrying the load. Comfort is increased by sophisticated venting through the breathable material. The advantages of this two in one system are both reduction in weight and possibly lower initial expenditure with no need for purchase of a separate rucksack.

Technische Daten

Item Material
Maximalgewicht: 120 kg
Karabiner distance: 38-50 cm
Gewicht: 3,75 kg
Protektor: Airbag
Rettung: Im Frontkontainer.
S up to 165 cm
M 165 - 175 cm
L 175 - 185 cm
XL 185 cm and up

  • Very light harness with airbag
  • Harness sensitivity in-flight adjustable (ABS)
  • Very easy weight shift
  • Large back pocket
  • Excellent mobility whilst in the harness
  • Carbon seat plate and light material
  • Aerodynamically cut
  • Excellent support to the back and shoulders


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Speed Bar
Front Container for rescue system