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Eden 7 - Excellent Glider for Ambitious XC Pilots

Eden 7

Excellent Glider for Ambitious XC Pilots

Know-how and technology of higher performance gliders combined with extensive testing has allowed the emergence of a paraglider that glides significantly beyond other EN B gliders.

Verve - Like No Other


Like No Other

The Verve provides excellent performance and speed potential while maintaining unprecedented stability, pilot comfort and flying easiness. Precise handling guarantees effective climbing in thermals. Gliding throughout the speed range is exceptional and among the best in its category.

Charger  2 - Performance powered flying with MAC PARA’s bestseller

Charger 2

Performance powered flying with MAC PARA’s bestseller

The Charger 2 is paramotoring glider for wide range of pilots. New, seasoned and experienced pilots alike will immediately feel comfortable flying the Charger 2 and appreciate its incredibly easy launching, superb stability and excellent cruising speed.

Colorado  2 - Glider for adventurous pilots

Colorado 2

Glider for adventurous pilots

The Colorado 2 is a full-blooded reflex paramotoring glider for adventurous and demanding pilots. It will please anyone looking for an exciting wing for adventure flying.

Haven - Cross country enthusiast


Cross country enthusiast

It is a comfortable covered harness for thermal, cross country and competition oriented pilots. Guaranteed comfort even after long hours of cross country flights.

X-Dreamer -


The X-Dreamer is our new modern open harness. It meets the highest standards of the most demanding pilots.

Aegis  -


The Aegis is a top rescue system produced from the best materials available on the market. Every reduction of descent speed is an unbeatable argument for saving yourself from injuries. The Aegis reserves have a very high pendulum stability and this is another contribution to a lowering the sink rate.

Houston  - Modern steerable square rescue parachute


Modern steerable square rescue parachute

This results to a horizontal speed after opening which creates a lift and significantly improves the sink rate.

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VERVE tested by THERMIK magazine

VERVE tested by THERMIK magazine

Mac Para has set the bar high with the new EN-C two-line Verve and has invested a lot of time and intensive development work! The traditional Czech manufacturer comments on the result with clear words: “The most balanced two-line liner with the best handling that we have ever produced.”

Verve review from Thomas Grüner

Verve review from Thomas Grüner

Für Aufsteiger aus der High-B-Klasse, die ihren Schirm beherrschen und bereits gewollt sind, sich mit der Zweiliner-Technik auseinanderzusetzen, ist der Verve aus meiner Sicht als erster C-Schirm sehr gut geeignet. Aufgrund seines guten Steig- und Leistungspotentials in Verbindung mit einer gut ausnutzbaren Geschwindigkeit im beschleunigten Flug sollten ambitionierte Streckenjäger und Genuss-Cruiser – egal ob Alpen oder Flachland – den Verve unbedingt mal fliegen und sich ihr eigenes Urteil bilden. Um es kurz zu fassen, das Fliegen mit dem Verve macht einfach nur Spaß.