Rock - Legendary Design


Legendary Design

Built with extra reinforcement and added safety, the Rock harness is suitable for novice pilots and paragliding schools who need a rock solid performing harness.

Manix - Enjoy the Ride


Enjoy the Ride

The Manix is a light, spacious, aerodynamically cut ABS harness suitable for beginners and intermediate experienced pilots. It makes the Manix an unrivalled harness for pilot comfort during long flights.

X-Dreamer -


The X-Dreamer is our new modern open harness. It meets the highest standards of the most demanding pilots.

Levity - All in One


All in One

The Levity harness is an ultra-light comfortable reversible harness with a built in airbag. This harness is suitable for all pilots looking for unique light weight “all in one” harness.

Haven - Cross country enthusiast


Cross country enthusiast

It is a comfortable covered harness for thermal, cross country and competition oriented pilots. Guaranteed comfort even after long hours of cross country flights.

Captain - For Tandem Pilot


For Tandem Pilot

The Captain is a spacious, aerodynamically cut "ABS" harness for tandem pilot. The harness is well balanced thanks the height of the main carabineers and shape of the seat plate.

Ticket - Sedačka pro pasažéry


Sedačka pro pasažéry

Ticket is a new generation of spacious and comfortable passenger harness. Designed for professional tandem flying.

Ready Eddy? -

Ready Eddy?

The “Ready Eddy?” is a comfortable and light split-leg tandem harness with integrated reserve pocket. The “Ready Eddy?” will meet professional tandem pilots` requirements.

Light Eddy - Hike and Fly

Light Eddy

Hike and Fly

The Light Eddy is designed for “hike and fly” mountaineering addicts who require a light weight split-leg harness to add to their adventures.

Buggy - Speed Flying Adrenaline


Speed Flying Adrenaline

The Buggy harness is a purpose built speed flying harness that has the strength and features in all the right places making it easy to focus on the flight. Reversible harness with split-leg design.