Product Description



The Buggy is a light harness designed for speed riding. Split seat design without seat plate with integrated rucksack.

It is the best compromise between mobility on launch and landing and top comfort harness. The weight is only 1.90 kg and this inclusive well designed sack with vertical ski carying possibility.

“Back tuning” allows adjustment to suit all pilots according to their body proportions and clothes. Chest strap is equiped with special lightweight automatic and adjustable T-buckle. The leg system makes skiing easy whilst wearing it and is equipped with flat aluminium buckles.

In the air, a good sitting position and a sensation of freedom allow the pilot to feel his speed riding glider and maintain optimum control. Side pocket is large enough to place in the sack of speed glider.

Second adjustable chest strap with plastic buckle is preventing free movements of shoulder straps.



Reverse rucksack has two external mesh side pockets and one large inside pocket. Rucksack traps are well designed and with speed glider you can put it all together in one tight package. Then is the skiing with it down the hills very easy.

Technical description

Item Material
Max. load: 100 Kg
Karabiner distance: 50 cm
Weight inclusive back protection
(without rescue chute):
1,9 kg
Back protection: No
Rescue system: No

Using only for speed riding.

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