Manix - Enjoy the Ride


Enjoy the Ride

The Manix is a light, spacious, aerodynamically cut ABS harness suitable for intermediate and experienced pilots. It makes the Manix an unrivalled harness for pilot comfort during long flights.

X-Dreamer -


The X-Dreamer is our new modern open harness. It meets the highest standards of the most demanding pilots.

Haven - Cross country enthusiast


Cross country enthusiast

It is a comfortable covered harness for thermal, cross country and competition oriented pilots. Guaranteed comfort even after long hours of cross country flights.

Levity - All in One


All in One

The Levity harness is an ultra-light comfortable reversible harness with a built in airbag. This harness is suitable for all pilots looking for unique light weight “all in one” harness.

Rescue Systems

Aegis  -


The Aegis is a top rescue system produced from the best materials available on the market. Every reduction of descent speed is an unbeatable argument for saving yourself from injuries. The Aegis reserves have a very high pendulum stability and this is another contribution to a lowering the sink rate.

Houston  - Modern steerable square rescue parachute


Modern steerable square rescue parachute

This results to a horizontal speed after opening which creates a lift and significantly improves the sink rate.

Back Packs

Bronco - Paraglider Bag


Paraglider Bag

The shoulder straps are adjustable at the top of the shoulders to change how the load is being carried and the bottom where you can adjust the size of the shoulder straps for different sized pilots.

Certina  - Protect of the C-Rod Technology


Protect of the C-Rod Technology

It offers a special sleeve to place the gathered cells to prevent movement and bending of any C-Rods during the folding process.


Jacket - Fashionable and Functional


Fashionable and Functional

Designed to be worn around the town with friends or flying off your local hill.

Waist Sack - Necessary and Practical

Waist Sack

Necessary and Practical

The Hipster Waist Sack is hardly big enough to carry anything but perfect for carrying the little things that matter most.



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