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 Mac Para Gliders

Progress  -  Solid Foundation with Exceptional Safety

The Progress is the ultimate school glider that is easy, safe and very forgiving to develop your skills as a beginner paraglider pilot. Inflation and ground handling are especially simple. This glider provides rapid progress throughout the learning curve making you fall in love with paragliding.
Glider Progress

Muse 4   -  Relaxed Sport with Flare

The New Muse 4 is in a class of its own because of its unique sporty flying characteristics. On the ground and in the air, the Muse 4 excels with magnificent glide, easy launch and excellent stability. You will feel relaxed and enjoy the Muse 4 as a great intermediate glider. The new Muse 4 makes it one of the top intermediate gliders on the market.
Glider Muse 4

Eden 6   -  Your new XC-Experience

Maximum performance combined with a high degree of passive safety.
The new Eden 6 makes paragliding easier and more enjoyable. Featuring the new revolutionary “leading-edge-technology”, the glider offers XC potential, that sets a new benchmark in the EN-B Class.
Glider Eden 6

Yukon  -  Hike and Fly Adventure Seeker

The Yukon is an ultra-light hike and fly paraglider for outdoor adventurers and mountaineers. It has excellent handling with a great glide ratio to make your next adventure a memorable one. The Yukon is very easy to transport and combines the features of a performance-intermediate glider with low weight to take it anywhere… anytime.
Glider Yukon

Elan   -  True Cutting Edge

The new MAC PARA Elan delivers stability and state of the art performance for seasoned pilots that demand more from their wing.
It has has been designed to boost your confidence while still being able to strive to the top of the pack. With the Elan you can “Fly your best”. 
At MAC PARA we think of it as bragging rights to setting personal bests.

Glider Elan

Icon   -  Great performance and advanced precision with style 

The Icon provides a new perspective and challenge in the paragliding champions league. It is the perfect glider for pilots looking for excellent performance and stability to bring their flying to the next level. The Icon is a completely new Mac Para design that continues our challenge to perform on the top of the D-Class, that our successful Magus series did before.

Pasha 5   -  Ultimate luxury flying saloon for two

The Pasha 5 is quintessential tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities. Precision handling with light brake pressure, easy take off and smooth landings with effective flair feature this biplace paraglider.
Its glide and performance make it ideal for long XC flights.
Glider Pasha5

Bitch 2  -  Extreme Addiction

Are you brave enough to do what many paraglider pilots dare to dream about? The Bitch 2 is an acro specific paraglider for the dedicated advanced pilots to perform precise tricks and flips. You don’t have to worry about hurting this glider! The Bitch 2 is designed to take the abuse of G-force maneuvers offering high energy and dynamic flying features for the professional acrobatic pilot.
Glider Bitch 2

Whistler 2  -  Feel the Rush!

Whether you want to rip down a snow covered mountain with skis or foot launch off your favorite mountain, the Whistler 2 is a bomb proof glider specifically designed for speed riding and speed flying. It looks like a mini paraglider that is easy to carry anywhere! The new Whistler 2 offers an exhilarating ride with a blast of excitement. It’s a must try for any paraglider pilot that needs to fly daily especially when it’s windy!
Glider Whistler 2

Mac Para Classics   -  Past Memories

MacPara has been making paragliders for passionate pilots for over 20 years! Check out the older website to see some of the retired favorites that have been discontinued to make way for the technology you see today.
Older products