Technische Daten

Item Material
Maximalgewicht: 100 kg
Karabiner distance: 38-60 cm
Gewicht: 5,1 kg
Protektor: Styrofoam protection; 12 cm with plastic plate penetration protection
Rettung: Integrated container (envelope system) under the seat plate with a lateral handle.
M 165 - 175 cm
L 175 - 185 cm
XL 185 cm and up

  • Austrialpin "COBRA" buckles on leg straps
  • Austrialpin speed system pulleys and included easy to use two step speed bar
  • 12 cm foam protector as standard
  • Harness sensitivity in-flight adjustable (ABS)
  • Very easy weight shift
  • The reserve handle is highly visible and easy to reach
  • Excellent mobility whilst in the harness
  • Cordura - heavy duty material
  • Aerodynamically cut
  • Excellent support to the back and shoulders

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