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Quality you can Trust

Over the last few years, our Charger has earned an extraordinary name and reputation. Easy launch and flight characteristics have won the hearts of many paramotoring pilots.Thanks to its simple operation, it was more than clear that the development of a larger version for the needs of heavy trike pilots wouldn't take long time.

Looks Good and Feels Good!

The Charger Trike is the ultimate 'pilot friendly' paramotor wing, both in the sky and on the ground. It is an ideal choice for professional trike pilots. The Charger Trike inflates easily and cleanly without the use of the A risers. Extremely resistant to collapse, the Charger will put you at ease and allow you to enjoy the scenery. With the exciting new contemporary look of the Charger, you'll be the envy of everyone in the air! While flying this beauty you'll notice right away that it is capable of performing everything you need to enjoy the air and not feel like your missing out. Powered trike flying exciting and more enjoyable with the right tool for the job.

Why the great performance?

The glider is undemanding and resistant to collapse even in rough air thanks to the customized reflex airfoils. The smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained by long lasting Mylar reinforcement combined with plastic rods. The additional unique reinforcing system of the leading edge and mini ribs on trailing edge provide an advantage that is resulting in a smooth ride with exceptional penetration. The Charger Trike features excellent stability throughout the full weight and speed range. The canopy has a dampened roll tendency, but offers good flexibility and agility in turns. The Charger suitable for a wide range of motor and trike units.

Great attention to details

The serial risers feature trimmers on D and A straps and two pulley settings for low or high brakes adjustments. The Charger comes standardly equipped with ergonomically thin, semi-rigid brake handles, including swivels, neodymium magnets. The longer range of trim system offers you more safety and control of speed when you have a lighter passenger or when the wind is strong. 

Maximum speed can be achieved with trimmers on D straps fully released and trimmers on A straps fully closed. Convenient self-cleaning exit “holes” on the wing tips will help remove any sand, grass or small stones from the glider. This is an all around fun glider, perfect for playing in all conditions, with performance to spare! For order the Charger Trike can be fitted with a special iron/aluminum spreader bar. The angle of attack is changed from adjustment system placed on the trike. See photo Charger Trike spreader bar.

Quality you can Trust

The use of high-quality materials and constant quality control throughout the manufacturing process produces high quality products.

Charger Trike

We use a combination of Dynema / Aramid-Kevlar lines of proven series that guarantee correct geometry of your canopy throughout its life.

You can choose from four serial designs. And if you have different color preferences, you have the luxury of making your own design!

Through the use of high-grade materials along with constant attention to quality control throughout MACPARA'S manufacturing process you are assured of getting a superbly crafted paraglider.

The Charger Trike is guaranteed to energize you!

Two Riser Versions

Version one is equipped with a 5 point risers system and trimmers on the A and D-risers. Application of the trimmers on the A-risers accelerates the glider. Application of the trimmers on the D-risers changes the angle of attack and the airfoils in rows C and D. The split A risers allow easy application of Big-Ears.

Version two is equipped with a special iron/aluminum spreader bar. The angle of attack is adjusted from the trike.
See photo Charger Trike spreader bar.

The Charger Trike is a perfect paramotoring glider for trikes. The Charger Trike is a class of its own from the use of high-quality materials and constant quality control during the manufacturing process.

Technical Specifications

Charger Trike 38 42
Zoom flat [%] 117 123
Area flat [m2] 38.33 42.36
Area projected [m2] 34.41 38.03
Span flat [m] 14.04 14.76
Aspect ratio flat 5.14 5.14
Root cord [m] 3.32 3.5
Cells 46 46
Weight [kg] 7.7 8.45
Weight range powered *[kg] 180 - 360 250 - 400
Weight range powered *[lbs] 397 - 794 551 - 882
Min. speed [km/h] 24 - 26 24 - 26
Trim speed [km/h] 47 - 50 47 - 50
Top speed (accelerator)[km/h] 55 - 57 55 - 57
Glide ratio 8.9 8.9
Min. sink rate [m/s] 1.1 1.1
Certificate DGAC DGAC

Used Materials

Item Material
Surface Top Leading Edge: Skytex 38 Universal, 38 g/m2
Surface Top Trailing Edge: Skytex 38 Universal, 38 g/m2
Surface Bottom: Skytex 38 Classic, 38 g/m2
Main ribs: Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Diagonal ribs: Skytex 40 Hard, 40 g/m2
Minor ribs: Skytex 38 Universal, 38 g/m2
Upper lines: Edelrid Aramid/Kevlar 6843
–60 kg, –80 kg 7343 –140 kg PPSL –160 kg
Main lines: Edelrid Aramid/Kevlar 7343
–420 kg, –340 kg, –190 kg TSL – 500 kg

The Charger Trike is manufactured using the paragliding industries well established lightweight material with excellent durability; Skytex 38, from Porcher Sport (NCV). For the less stressed areas of the sail we use Skytex 38 with E25A coating. For the supporting and diagonal ribs we use Skytex 40 Hard with “hard finish” coating E29A. This gives the advantage of a sail that is both lightweight and very durable.

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