Progress 2 - Easy with Exceptional Safety

Progress 2

Easy with Exceptional Safety

The Mac Para Progress 2 is the perfect paraglider for entry level pilots to discover the our fantastic world of paragliding. It is very easy to use, incredibly safe and particularly forgiving.

Muse 5 - Is a new legend born?

Muse 5

Is a new legend born?

Muse 5 excels in performance and glide ratio, which are only achievable with gliders of higher categories. In addition, these performances are associated with simplicity, stability and passive safety.

Aravis - The task sounded clear!


The task sounded clear!

The outcome is that the Aravis is the lightest; small-packed-volume; "double-skin" paraglider in our range. Hike & Fly enthusiasts as well as novice pilots will find it to be a simple and reliable wing for their flying. The Aravis is one of the highest performing lightweight EN A paragliders available on the market.

Illusion 2 - Intermediate Performance Glider

Illusion 2

Intermediate Performance Glider

The first Illusion made many pilots happy and has gained an extraordinary reputation during the years. Therefore our goal by the development was to maintain simple flight characteristics and user-friendliness while at the same time shifting the performance. The Illusion 2 benefits from the latest technologies and development experience of our current gliders.

Eden 7 - Excellent Glider for Ambitious XC Pilots

Eden 7

Excellent Glider for Ambitious XC Pilots

Know-how and technology of higher performance gliders combined with extensive testing has allowed the emergence of a paraglider that glides significantly beyond other EN B gliders.

Elan 3 - The philosophy of relaxed flying

Elan 3

The philosophy of relaxed flying

The Elan 3 - is the most powerful glider in the entire Elan-series and remains consistently a supporter of easy combined with a relaxed flying style. The Elan 3 is suitable for ambitious XC pilots who require an extraordinary glider with excellent glide, pleasant behaviour and easy handling.

Verve - Like No Other


Like No Other

The Verve provides excellent performance and speed potential while maintaining unprecedented stability, pilot comfort and flying easiness. Precise handling guarantees effective climbing in thermals. Gliding throughout the speed range is exceptional and among the best in its category.

Magus  - The Mac is back!  Magus New Generation.


The Mac is back! Magus New Generation.

The cutting edge design in our range. EN D, two-liner competition glider.

Pasha 7 - Giving tandem pilots the feeling of looking forward to the day’s work.

Pasha 7

Giving tandem pilots the feeling of looking forward to the day’s work.

The Pasha 7 was developed for pilots who appreciate a perfect working tool, it doesn’t matter if you're a commercial pilot or a pilot focused on cross-country flights. With this toy it is pleasure to share the beauty of flying.


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