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The Rock paragliding harness is based on MAC’s highly successful Goya. The Rock is a light and spacious, aerodynamically cut ABS harness that is suitable for novice pilots and paragliding schools. The ergonomic design ensures comfort on take off and in flight. A well designed leg strap system allows the pilot an upright position before and during take-off, making checks very easy and doesn't inhibit take-off. These attributes are essential for training in schools and safety of the pilot. MAC harnesses set the standard for ease of transition to a perfect seating position after take off and the ROCK is no exception. A security T-bar prevents the pilot falling out of the harness if he forgets to fasten the leg straps. The carabineer separation (which controls the sensitivity of the harness) is adjusted by buckles on the chest strap. The speed-bar maintains the correct position in front of the pilot automatically and makes the use of the speed system during flight very easy.

The external reserve parachute container is placed in front of the pilot on the main carabineers and the reserve bridle leads to the right side. This container is not part of the harness. MAC PARA offers three types of container, combined with a cockpit. The customer can choose the type of container, depending on the type of rescue parachute. A version with reserve bridle on the left side can be produced to order. The foam back-protection is separate from the large rear pocket which is big enough for all the pilot’s equipment (backpack, etc.). The ROCK harness is equipped with a 22 cm splitted foam back-protector and side foam protectors with plastic reinforcement for increased protection to the hip.


The under-surface of the ROCK harness is fitted with a removable plastic plate, which prevents damage to the fabric of the harness and allows novice pilots slide on the foam protector in the event of less than perfect non landings. Many professional tandem pilots use a special landing technique. They allow their passengers (with their legs raised) to slide on the harness to avoid accidents. Foam protectors are precisely designed to serve as a shock absorber of both kinetic and gravitational energy.

All MAC harnesses are manufactured using premium materials with attention paid to even the finest detail. You can be sure that even after several years use, it will serve you as well as it did when new.

Spécifications techniques

Objet Materiau
Charge max: 120 kg
Ecartement des points d’ancrage: 38-50 cm
Weight inclusive back protection
(without rescue chute):
6,1 kg
Protection dorsale: Styrofoam protection;
22 cm with plastic plate
penetration protection
Type de secours: -
M (blue) up to 175 cm
L (red) 175 - 185 cm
XL (orange) > 185 cm

  • Austrialpin "COBRA" buckles on leg straps
  • Austrialpin speed system pulleys and included easy to use two step speed bar
  • 22 cm foam protector and side foam protectors
  • Harness sensitivity in-flight adjustable (ABS)
  • Very easy weight shift
  • Large back pocket
  • Excellent mobility whilst in the harness
  • Cordura - heavy duty material
  • Aerodynamically cut
  • Excellent support to the back and shoulders


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