Flight Suit


GOD SPEED Flight SuitLook Cool and Stay Warm

A flight suit is an optional piece of flying gear depending on how often you fly and what type of flying you do. Our experience has shown that wearing a flight suit allows you to concentrate more on the flight instead of worrying about how to stop the cold air chill on the way to cloud base!

Features of the God Speed Flight suit:

* Depending on where you fly you may want to buy one size larger than your normal size. This will to allow extra room for more clothing underneath to stay warmer.

cca. to [cm] 162 170 175 180 185 195
cca. from [cm] 152 160 165 170 175 185

The Hipster Waist Sack
Necessary and Practical

The Hipster Waist Sack is hardly big enough to carry anything but perfect for carrying the little things that matter most. The most common reason why pilots fly paragliders is because how little gear you need to get high. The Hipster Waist Sack is a classic low profile way to carry only the important things on your adventures in the sky.  You know…the things you don't want to carry in your flight suit such as car keys, wallet, pet rock, cell phone, loose change, medication, sunglasses, license, business cards, tampons, spare parts, pen, condoms…etc. Sometimes you never know where you are going to land!

  • Made with quality Cordura to resist to fading.
  • 5 pockets including a purpose built cell phone pocket and two zippered pockets ideal for storing keys and important items.
  • Under the lid secret pocket perfect for smuggling stuff.
  • Pen holder that can be used a gear loops for small items.
  • One-size-fits all adjustable waist strap so you never have to worry about having to buy another one if you gain weight!
  • Classic Mac Para logo in the center
  • Weight 0,23 kg/0,51 lbs


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