Muse 5 Hybrid -

Muse 5 Hybrid

We have designed a glider of the EN A category, which excels in performance and glide, at a level which is usually achievable only with gliders of higher categories. In addition, this performance is combined with simplicity, stability, and passive safety. Muse 5 is an enjoyable wing of the sports performance category with great XC potential.

Illusion Hybrid - Intermediate Performance Glider

Illusion Hybrid

Intermediate Performance Glider

The Illusion is a performance and safe glider that can master both – free flying and powered flying. Thanks its stability and lovely handling it is ideal choice as hybrid paraglider.

Charger 2 - Performance powered flying with MAC PARA’s bestseller

Charger 2

Performance powered flying with MAC PARA’s bestseller

The Charger 2 is paramotoring glider for wide range of pilots. New, seasoned and experienced pilots alike will immediately feel comfortable flying the Charger 2 and appreciate its incredibly easy launching, superb stability and excellent cruising speed.

Colorado - Fun for Demanding Pilots


Fun for Demanding Pilots

The Colorado is safe, stable, fast, efficient and fun to fly. Easy to launch with sporty handling. Ideal choice for adventurous and demanding pilots.

Samurai - Powered Flying in Gran Turismo or Racing Style


Powered Flying in Gran Turismo or Racing Style

La Samurai est un parapente à profil réflex spécifique disposant d’une agilité extraordinaire et une vitesse de pointe élevée. Il offre une excellente glisse et beaucoup de potentiel de plaisir.

Pasha 5 Trike - Ultimate luxury flying saloon for two.

Pasha 5 Trike

Ultimate luxury flying saloon for two.

The Pasha 5 is proven hybrid tandem paraglider with supreme every day work capabilities. It is a superb tandem wing for use with a foot launch paramotor or a tandem trike/quad.

Charger Trike - Liberté et performance

Charger Trike

Liberté et performance

La Charger est une voile purement reflex. Les pilotes débutants et occasionnels se sentiront immédiatement à l'aise sous la Charger et apprécieront ses superbes caractéristiques de décollage et d'atterrissage, sa stabilité et son excellente vitesse de croisière.

T-Ride - Pour les trike


Pour les trike

Le T-Ride est une voile de paramoteur spécialement conçue pour les para-trikes lourd. Ces caractéristiques sont un décollage et atterrissage facile, ainsi qu'un excellente maniabilité. Ses hautes performances permettent de réduire la consommation.

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