We look forward to welcome you soon at our booth at the Super Paragliding Testival 26.5. - 29.5.2022 in Kössen, Austria.

All gliders follow the same philosophy, to excel in performance and glide ratio, which is normally only achievable with gliders of higher categories.
Sure, we are not alone with this approach, but all our clients and independent tests confirm, that despite of the performance increase the handling goes hand in hand with simplicity, stability, and passive safety.

You don’t believe it?
Come and test one of our gliders.
New Aravis (EN A) the most performing hike & fly glider.
New Elan 3 (EN C)
Progressive and joyful Muse 5 (high end EN A)
Very popular Eden 7 (EN B)
Top performance glider Magus (EN D)
Latest creation is our tandem glider. We took two years to develope the Pasha 7.
It inflates even more easily than the previous wing, the handling got smoother and the excellent flaring capabilities guarantee you a nice landing.
Wouldn’t there be a performance increase, it wouldn’t be a Mac Para wing.

Let’s share the beauty of flying with us!
See you soon in Kössen.

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 Super Paragliding Testival 2022 in Kössen