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 Harness X-Dreamer


Sup to 165cm
M165 - 175cm
L175 - 185cm
XL185 and up



The X-Dreamer is our new modern open harness. It meets the highest standards of the most demanding pilots.

The X-Dreamer is suitable from the beginner pilot to the cross country or experienced pilot. It provides a positive influence to the pilot’s confidence. The ergonomic design focuses on comfort and simplicity. The overall geometry of the harness enables the pilot to feel the feedback from the glider sensitively, whilst retaining a secure feeling in flight. This increases the precision of turns while thermaling and aids active flying. On long flights, the comfort of the X-Dreamer is second to none.


The geometry of the X-Dreamer greatly simplifies takeoffs and landings. Leg’s strap system and sliding shoulder straps enable to stand and run completely upright by takeoff and landing. Thanks use of different materials on the seat board it is easy to slide into the seat after takeoff. The X-Dreamer is ideal for ground handling.

The harness is serial delivered with two self-locking carabineers, 2 foam protectors, carbon plate and 2 step speed system led in tube system. Leg and chest straps are integrated into 2 buckle closing system. Newly fitted with Cobra buckles.


Back protection

The X-Dreamer is serial equipped with two foam protectors. The back protector has 17 cm thickness. The lower frontal foam protector forms the shape of the harness and is located beneath the space of the rescue system.

In some countries it is allowed to fly without a rescue system up to 80m height over the ground. E.g. First short flights in the teaching process in the school or personal training of ground handling. For these purposes the rescue pocket can be optionally fitted with third additional foam protector for added passive safety. With this additional foam protector the laboratory tests show even further improved G resistance.


The X-Dreamer is available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) that fit to pilot’s height starting from 155 cm up to 200 cm. Volume space for the rescue: 10,0 dm3 Harness weight: starts on 4.30 kg.

The X-Dreamer harness was load tested to 15 g of max. weight 120 kg.



 Technical description
Max. load:
 120 kg
Karabiner distance:
 39-54,5 cm

Weight incl. carabiners
& foam protector:

 S - 4.3 kg    M - 4.35 kg 
L - 4.45 kg    XL - 4.6 kg

Back protection:Foam protector; 17 cm
Rescue system: Integrated container (tunnel system)
under the seat plate with a lateral handle.

Features of the X-Dreamer:
light construction with 2 buckle closing system COBRA buckles
carbon seat plate, adjustable angle of the seat
two carabineers Lock Jaw
2 step speed bar & lines & Brummel hooks
shoulder strap Velcros (e.g. for small varios)
reserve V-connection channel with zip
outside zip-up on the left side
inside mesh pocket on the right side
large dorsal storage pocket with pocket inside for drink system
drink tube opening
excellent comfort, mesh fabric on the back
well-designed back pocket enables easy packing in a rucksack
tube-lead-system for the speed system line
deployment handle firmly connected with the inner container
EN/LTF certified foam back protection