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Elan 2

 Paraglider Elan 2



 Designe Elan 2


Mission „Fly In Peace“ Once More Achieved

With the first Elan, Mac Para launched a groundbreaking glider, which uniquely combines enormous performance with benign flight behaviour. The Elan still inspires many pilots worldwide.

The Elan 2 continues this ethos. It is suitable for all ambitious but prudent pilots who seek excellent glide ratio and agile handling. With this great glider you can fly your best in a relaxed way.



Despite its high performance, the Elan 2 is a perfectly balanced paraglider. While crafting this remarkable wing into a semi-light glider, it was possible to improve the handling, yet the sporty agility of its predecessor has been retained. The canopy gives good feedback at all times and is very stable. Whether flying in weak conditions in the lowlands or demanding alpine terrain, the Elan 2 supports you. Thin straps, light materials, a state-of-the-art design and the elaborately sewn 63 cells make the Elan 2 the first choice for XC pilots, for whom performance and safety are important.


Lightweight and Easy to Launch Anywhere

The Elan 2 is designed as a semi-light glider – just 4.45 kg for the smallest size. The result is a well-balanced glider with simple takeoffs and manageable behaviour during extreme maneuvers. The Elan 2 has an aspect ratio of 6.27, combining top-end C category performance with a ride comfort more associated with a low-end wing.


Advanced Technology

The unique reinforcing system of the leading edge makes the Elan 2 faster at trim speed and in accelerated flight than the original Elan. In turbulence, the Elan 2 maintains exceptional stability and collapse resistance, requiring minimal correction via the C risers in accelerated flight. Bigger handles have been fitted on the C-risers and placed higher in comparison to the first Elan. Convenient self-cleaning exit “holes” on the wing tips will help remove any sand, grass or small stones from the glider.


Shaped to Perfection

3D-shaping offers not only new colour designs on the canopy but increased aerodynamic smoothness. The latest Elan features the usual miniribs on the trailing edge, higher arc, clean leading edge, and thin lines. All this helps to reduce drag and increase the performance of the Elan 2. Rigidity of the canopy, together with reinforcements, refined line geometry and impeccable craftsmanship have been optimised for enjoyable flight comfort.


You Will Love its Handling!

The light brake pressure at the beginning allows pleasant but sporty turns. Pressure increases progressively toward the end of the brake travel to offer safety reserves. Thanks to the Elan 2’s stability there is not much counter steering needed. Sensitivity to weight shift is moderate.


Beat the Rush

Contact your local MAC PARA dealer to purchase the Elan 2 for a test flight. You‘ll love the new design and handling of this flying masterpiece. Another great addition to the MAC PARA line up. We are proud of it.


Report by Ziad Bassil
 Elan 2 size 26 (85-102)

Pilot: Ziad Bassil

The Elan 2 is Mac Para new 2017 C glider. The leading edge has a shark nose, lower lines are sheathed, and the upper galleries are unsheathed. Again it seems that with the Eden 6 , Mac Para glider construction is being enhanced and quite neat. The leading edge looks very taught and its shape looks very clean.

Elan 2 - Ziad

Launching the Elan 2 is easy for a C pilot. When pulling the A’s there’s no hanging back and no surging forward.

I flew the Elan 2 26 at 99 all up with an X-rated 6 harness. The brake travel can be described as moderate to precise in the first part. 15 to 20 cm can steer the glider easily. Inducing turns inside thermals shows a fair agility for the Elan 2 ,and could be similar to the Elan 1 26 i test flew 2,5 years ago.
I also flew the Elan 2 24 at 89 all up with a Forza harness. The 24 can be steered with only 10 cm having a moderate pressure. The handling and the way to turn the 24 is really nice. Much better than the 26 with quicker brake authority as usually seen on smaller gliders. At +15 cm and beyond, of brake travel, the Elan 2 has a slightly harder brake travel and its only used to control pitch movements. 

This new construction showed me a super strong leading edge. The feeling underneath is quite tamed. The leading edge felt like a solid structure above my head. I tried many times to pull the A’s on the 26, in order to induce frontals, and it was indeed a difficult task ! They need a super hard pull to get the leading edge into a collapse.
In very weak conditions, with thermals less than 0.3 m/s this tamed feeling, erases the feel of hooking those tiny lifts. Exactly like the Delta 3 ML feeling.
In stronger thermals, the Elan 2 26 hooks nicely, a neutral pitch in smooth thermals and a slight pitch back in turbulent ones. In overall thermal flying, the Elan 2 26 seems an easy and tamed C glider. A pilot on the Elan 1, won’t need any upgrade in pilot level, if he goes to the Elan 2 26. I also think that a good pilot on an Eden 6 ,will fly the Elan 2 26 easily. That’s the first strong point of the Elan 2 26.
The Elan 2 24 is more dynamic. I think i can place it in the middle of the C category ,not for its comfort which is still superb! but for its dynamic handling and energy retention.

Elan 2 - Ziad

The way to steer the 24 can be described as precise, nimble and agile. I also felt something strange…Yet i was on top weight of the 24, i felt weak thermals better than being 98 on the 26. The leading edge breathes slightly better and floats well. 
Yet again on the 24 at 88 all up, i felt that sometimes in tricky conditions, i had some difficulty in sliding through the airmass with a pitch back at times that slows the ability to surf upward.

Both gliders have some vibration through the risers in turbulent conditions. Felt more on the 24.
I still think that the Elan 2 26 and 24 are indeed very comfortable gliders, probably slightly more piloting needed than the Elan 1, with lots of performance for the middle C category with only 6.2 aspect ratio.

Now the second strong point of the Elan 2 26 and 24 is the trim and top speed !
Flying the Elan 2 26 next to a Cayenne 5  XS which is already known for its fast trim, (similarly loaded ) showed me an impressive +2 km/h trim speed for the Elan 2 26 over the C5 ! !
Many glide attempts in calm air, showed me that the trim speed is faster + 2 km/h and the top speed is also faster by + 2 to 3 km/h similarly loaded !
The Elan 2 is trimmed fast !  That’s why in those small weak thermals -0.3 m/s a pilot needs lots of concentration to feel and hook them.

The glide angle ‘in calm air’ could be ‘super’ close to the best C gliders available today.  It’s in turbulent conditions and facing a valley breeze, that sometimes i felt that the leading edge is reluctant to surf efficiently the airmass in order to move forward. Nevertheless, it remains among the top 5, (C rated) gliders in glide efficiency. I’ll update my C comparison soon for little more details . 

Induced asymmetric on the 26 are easy to maintain with a direct flight and reopen quickly. Big ears are stable at trim speed. With lots of bar, they slightly shake. They do not reopen by themselves. A dab on the brakes needed to reopen them quickly.
Induced asymmetric on the 24 are slightly more dynamic but easy to maintain a straight direction. Big ears are stable, both at trim and accelerated. They do not open by themselves and need pilot input.
The speed bar has a moderate pressure and the leading edge is still solid at bar.
The glide angle at full bar is also very competitive to place the Elan 2 26 and 24 among the 3 top gliders of the moderate aspect ratio 2017, C category.
pushing the bar is usable with a very solid leading edge at least at 85 % of the travel. 

*The pluses : + Comfort on the 24 and 26 , + speed on the 24 and 26 , + handling on the 24.

*The  average plus: Handling on the 26 (probably needs more weight to reach 102)

*What i would wished for:  More leading edge efficiency in cutting through the airmass.

Conclusion:  The Elan 2 26 could be one of the most easy to fly C glider. Easier and more tamed than the Delta 3 ML.  It’s better to fly it at the top weight in order to diminish as best as possible the pitch back in entry. The climb rate in weak is ok which is close to the Delta 3 ML i have tested earlier. The trim speed is very good for ridge flying, and the top speed for fast transitions.
The size 26 could be a nice C glider for B pilots going into that category for the first time.

Tested and author of the article is Ziad Bassil (www.DustoftheUniverse.com)



Surface Top/Bottom Leading Edge:Skytex 38 Universal - E25A, 38 g/m2
Surface Top Trailing Edge:Skytex 32 Universal - E3W, 32 g/m2
Surface Bottom Trailing Edge:Skytex 27 Classic II - E71A, 27 g/m2
Main ribs:Skytex 32 Hard       - E29A, 32 g/m2
Diagonal ribs:Skytex 32 Hard       - E29A, 32 g/m2
Minor ribs: Skytex 32 Hard       - E29A, 32 g/m2
Upper lines:Edelrid Aramid/Kevlar
8000U -70 kg; -90 kg; -130 kg
Main lines:PPSL 191


The Elan 2 is manufactured using the paragliding industries well established lightweight materials with excellent durability Skytex 38, Skytex 32 and Skytex 27 from Porcher Sport. For the supporting and diagonal ribs we use Skytex 32 Hard. This gives the advantage of a sail that is both lightweight and very durable.


Elan 2
22 (XS)
Elan 2
24 (S)
Elan 2
26 (M)
Elan 2
28 (L)
Elan 2
30 (XL)
Elan 2
33 (XXL)
Elan 2
38 (XXL)
Zoom flat [%]899296100104109117.5
Area flat [m2]22.1823.725.82830.2833.2738.66
Area projected [m2]18.8220.1121.923.7625.728.2332.8
Span flat [m]11.7912.1912.7213.2513.7814.4415.57
Aspect ratio flat6.
Root cord [m]2.342.422.522.632.742.873.09
Weight [kg]4.454.
Weight range [kg]*55-7070-9082-10292-112105-130115-145145-180
Weight range [lbs]*121-154154-198181-225203-247231-287254-320320-397
Min. speed [km/h]23-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-25
Trim speed [km/h]38-4038-4038-4038-4038-4038-4038-40
Top speed (accelerator)[km/h]55-5655-5655-5655-5655-5655-5655-56
Glide ratio10.510.510.510.510.510.510.5
Min. Sink rate[m/s]

 * pilot equipped = weight naked + cca. 20 Kg (44 lbs)





 Design Elan



Custom Special Design

CLICK HERE you can printed special design on paper, or print to pdf. 


Skytex range
Value 8/8 is most resistant to UV

 Skytex Blue  Skytex Red  Skytex Yellow  Skytex Lime
 Skytex Orange  Skytex Violet  Skytex Gold  Skytex Bordeaux
 Skytex Black  Skytex White  Skytex Grey  Skytex Bronze




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